Bracketology: August Bracketology Update

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner Updated August 26th, 2018 Midwest Region (Kansas City) South Region (Louisville) 1.Kansas (Des Moines) 1.Kentucky (Columbus) 16.UNC Central/ Texas Southern 16.Colgate/ LIU Brooklyn 8.Purdue 8.Wisconsin 9.Miami 9.Texas Tech 4.Oregon (Seattle) 4.Marquette (Salt Lake City) 13.Montana 13.Stephen F. Austin 5.Virginia Tech 5.Florida State 12.South Dakota State 12.Buffalo 3.Auburn (Jacksonville) 3.Michigan State (Des... Continue Reading →


Top-10 Tuesday: Top-10 Upsets in the NCAA Tournament in the past Ten years

Top-10 Upsets in College Basketball over the past ten seasons Upsets are what shapes March Madness, it can create joy for so many people but can cause pain to fans of the losing teams. There have been a lot through the years, so I wanted to narrow the upsets strictly down to the past ten... Continue Reading →

Bracketology: Late July Update

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner Updated July 27th, 2018 Midwest Region (Kansas City) South Region (Louisville) 1.Kansas (Des Moines) 1.Kentucky (Columbus) 16.Texas Southern/ UNC Central 16.Vermont 8.NC State 8.Wisconsin 9.Providence 9.TCU 4.Florida State (Salt Lake City) 4.Michigan (Des Moines) 13.Lipscomb 13.Northeastern 5.UCLA 5.LSU 12.Buffalo 12.Loyola-Chicago 3.North Carolina (Jacksonville) 3.Kansas State (Tulsa) 14.Rider 14.Stephen F. Austin 6.Indiana... Continue Reading →

Grades for every NBA Draft pick

The Draft is now complete, which means we can properly react to each pick that was made by giving each team a grade. For the first round, I will give the grade and then give an explanation for the pick, while in the second round I will just give the pick and the grade. Here... Continue Reading →

Final NBA Draft Big Board

Tonight is draft night which means 60 players will hear their names called up on stage tonight in Brooklyn. Here is my final NBA Draft Big Board, which shows my Top-100 prospects available. At the start of the draft each name will be bold but as the night progresses I will erase each prospects name... Continue Reading →

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