Takeaways from Friday’s opening games

What to takeaway from yesterday

We are one day into the College Basketball season, relax and take a deep breathe and learn what and what not to takeaway from yesterday.

Cincinnati can score the basketball, I know there’s a lack in competition but 107 on anyone is impressive.

Baylor is going to Baylor, rolled over Central Arkansas and with no main challenger to Kansas atop the Big 12 standings don’t be surprised if Baylor notches another second place finish in the Big 12.

The book is out on how to beat West Virginia, full court press the Mountaineers while they are pressing you, worked last year for Kansas, yesterday Texas A&M did it to perfection.

Texas A&M is better than what most thought, its one thing to beat West Virginia, its another to win by nearly 30 without two starters.

Virginia Tech is an offensive juggernaut, they put up 111 against one of the better mid-major schools in Detroit.

Memphis is bad, yes Alabama was a top-25 team preseason, but anytime you play a team without their two best players and two more role players you should never lose that game if you’re Memphis.

Ethan Happ is a legitimate 20 and 10 player, but if they can get good play out of the other guys they should make it back to the NCAA Tournament.

The Blue Devils can really get points from anyone in their starting five, last night it was Allen, Bagley and Trent, but Duval and Wendell Carter can score too.

Reid Travis will win Pac-12 player of the year, Travis had 26 and 12 last night, he legitimately could average 20 and 10 a night which should win him Pac-12 Player of the year.

Luke Maye had some big steps to fill, but if he plays like he did last night he is more than capable, 26 and 10 last night if he plays anything like that all season long the Tar Heels will be Top-3 in the ACC again.

Jim beats Jimmy in the father son game, Tyus Battle seems like he’s ready to be the main guy for the Orange.

Xavier is good, Morehead State lost respectably against Kentucky, but Xavier decided not only to beat them, but by 52.

Kentucky could have a tough non-conference schedule, we knew the Wildcats would have trouble against some teams in non-conference play, but not against Utah Valley.

Sorry Seth Davis, Ball State is not the 22nd best team in College Basketball, pick a new mid-major to rank there, preferably Oakland or Vermont.

Indiana 69 Indiana State 90, what a rough start to the Archie Miller era, Miller does have a good recruiting class next year but this year looks like its going to be a wash.

Wake Forest has some major front court issues, take away what you want, when your starting center scores 2 points and 4 rebounds in a game you have issues, as a result Georgia Southern upsets Wake 85-83.

St. Bonaventure needs Jaylen Adams, without him the Bonnies were upset by Niagara 77-75.

Kansas, Michigan State and Arizona, nothing to see here with my top-3 teams all three won handily.

Purdue has a lot of options to score, last night they had 10 or more points from 5 different players.

Remember all those people picking Samford to beat Arkansas last night, Arkansas must have taken that as motivation as they won 96-56.

Texas is back, they beat Northwestern State by almost 50, not that it means that much but anytime you win by that margin its impressive.

Too close for comfort for Northwestern, not that I’m saying that they’ll not be a top-25 team this year or anything but you should beat Loyola Maryland by more than 4.

Monmouth impressed last night, Bucknell was a heavy favorite in the Patriot League and Monmouth just won 79-78, good win considering what they lost over the offseason.

Michael Porter Jr is good but he’s not why Missouri is back, overall when Porter plays 2 minutes and you beat Iowa State by 15, you’re in good shape.

Pittsburgh is terrible, honestly I don’t know half of their guys on their roster, the result of last nights game reflects that as Navy won 71-62.

USC is not only extremely deep, but they also are a defensive force, holding Cal-State Fullerton to only 42 points.

Washington won a game it would usually never win against Belmont last night, if this keeps up they’re in good shape under Mike Hopkins.

Georgia Tech impressed me overall, yes they lost but without two of their best players they were one shot away from forcing overtime against a top-25 team.

UC Riverside beats California 74-66, really you don’t need to say anything else we all know the reality that California is going to be garbage this year.


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