Power Rankings for each major conference

Power Rankings for each major conference 

We are about two weeks into Conference play, which means its a perfect time to look at my power rankings for each major conference.


1.Virginia: Defense wins Championships.

2.Duke: Where’s the defense?

3.Clemson: Biggest surprise in college basketball.

4.North Carolina: Tough 1-2 in conference play.

5.Miami: Good on defense but missing a third scorer

6.Florida State: Seminoles continue to dominate at home

7.Notre Dame: No Bonzie, No Problem

8.Louisville: This team would be really good with Rick Pitino still coaching

9.Boston College: The Eagles actually have a chance at making the NCAA Tournament, behind the play of Jerome Robinson and Ky Bowman.

10.NC State: Don’t play the Wolfpack if you’re ranked number two.

11.Syracuse: The Orange are in rebuild mode but they still could make it to the tournament.

12.Wake Forest: Maybe they should have given Danny Manning a contract extension before the season, instead of right after they lost to some bad teams.

13.Virginia Tech: Beat Pittsburgh by 14, that’s about all they have going for them.

14.Georgia Tech: They might have lost multiple buy games but they’re still good enough to beat Miami.

15.Pittsburgh: At least they don’t play their players $100,000.


1.Wichita State: New conference same Shockers team dominating their conference.

2.Cincinnati: Beat two pretty good AAC teams this week, their calendar marked for February 18th.

3.UCF: Beat Temple who beat Clemson, therefore they are the best team in the ACC.

4.SMU: Lost to Tulane this week, other than that they’re doing fine.

5.Houston: Wins over Arkansas and Providence could help them down the road.

6.Temple: Beat good teams and lose to bad teams, the official strategy of the Temple Owls.

7.Tulane: Mike Dunleavy Sr. has been a pleasant surprise as a head coach.

8.Tulsa: Beating up on the bottom half of the AAC is why they are 3-1 in the AAC

9.Uconn: How is Kevin Ollie still coaching this team?

10.Memphis: Good things usually don’t happen to teams who get rid of all their best players.

11.East Carolina: Beat South Florida

12.South Florida: The Bulls could potentially go without a conference win this year.

Big 12

1.West Virginia: Even Trae Young couldn’t handle Press Virginia.

2.Texas Tech: The duo of Keenan Evans and Chris Beard is one of the best combinations in College Basketball.

3.Kansas: If they can ever get Billy Preston or Silvio de Sousa cleared they have a chance to win they’d be in good shape to win the Big 12.

4.Oklahoma: Trae Young, enough said.

5.TCU: The Horned Frogs have looked good but have no signature wins to prove they are good.

6.Texas: Mo Bamba is a freak of nature.

7.Baylor: Avoided an 0-3 start by beating Texas, now we’ll see if they can get back in the Big 12 race.

8.Kansas State: This young Wildcats team looks good but there’s nothing to base that on.

9.Oklahoma State: Beat Iowa State in the battle for last place.

10.Iowa State: I wonder if fans want Fred Hoiberg back?

Big East

1.Seton Hall: Angel Delgado and Khadeen Carrington willed the Pirates to a win at Butler.

2.Villanova: When is the last time Villanova allowed 90 and 100 in back to back games?

3.Xavier: Trevon Bluiett is struggling and therefore Xavier is struggling.

4.Butler: The Bulldogs played well against Seton Hall and Xavier, following their win over Villanova.

5.Creighton: The Blue Jays almost won at Seton Hall but have since taken care of the rest of their Big East opponents.

6.Marquette: Markus Howard had 52 against Providence and 37 against Villanova, try beating that.

7.Providence: The Friars knocked off Xavier to pick up a win that might get them into the NCAA Tournament.

8.Georgetown: Don’t shoot one-legged turnaround shots on Patrick Ewing’s watch.

9.St. John’s: Lost to DePaul.

10.DePaul: Beat St. John’s and nearly beat Xavier, they are showing signs of improvement.

Big Ten

1.Purdue: The Boilermakers might be the most complete team in the country.

2.Michigan State: Got handled against Ohio State but other than that they’ve for the most part beaten a bunch of bad teams.

3.Ohio State: The rebuilding of Ohio State was supposed to take a couple of years, not a couple months.

4.Michigan: The Wolverines have a pretty nice resume, which can’t be said for the rest of the conference.

5.Maryland: Maryland is that good of a team but I don’t know who’s better than them.

6.Nebraska: Coming into the season I had no hope for the Cornhuskers, they aren’t necessarily tournament worthy but they do have a few good wins.

7.Minnesota: Think about this; Reggie Lynch has been accused of sexual assault multiple times and he’s still allowed to practice with the team.

8.Indiana: The Hoosiers resume is all over the place at this point, they’ve lost to Fort Wayne and beaten Notre Dame, anything is possible with them.

9.Rutgers: Rutgers is in the top-10 of a College Basketball list and it is not for Top-10 worst teams either.

10.Illinois: Brad Underwood was the right hire, it’ll just take time.

11.Penn State: Many thought Penn State would compete for a tournament, those people were wrong.

12.Northwestern: To call this season an epic failure would probably be accurate, they are 1-3 in Big Ten play and 10-7 overall, nothing good has happened for them.

13.Wisconsin: @Collegehoopnews’ Chef Bubble has already cooked Wisconsin.

14.Iowa: Fran Mccaffery actually thought playing 13 guys consistent minutes was a good idea, clearly it is not.


1.Arizona: Sean Miller says he can’t get his team to play for him, that’s not a good thing to hear from a coach.

2.Arizona State: The Sun Devils have cooled off in Pac-12 play but they are still a legitimate threat to win the Pac-12.

3.UCLA: The loss to Stanford is hard to explain but they’ve looked good in every other game.

4.Washington: What a turnaround by Mike Hopkins, they’ve come out of nowhere and now have a legitimate chance to make the NCAA Tournament.

5.USC: The Trojans as a team don’t look that good right now but the pieces are still there for them to make it into the tournament.

6.Colorado: The Buffaloes didn’t look good in non-conference play but beating Arizona State and Arizona in consecutive games is nice.

7.Utah: Solid team but their only win thus far is against Missouri.

8.Stanford: So Stanford lost to California and beat both UCLA and USC, makes sense.

9.Oregon: Losing basically everyone from last years team hurt but no one saw Oregon being this bad.

10.Oregon State: 10-5 overall is pretty good but they’ve not played anyone of note.

11.California: They almost beat Wichita State, that counts for something.

12.Washington State: They took the scenic route but they still ended up being last place in the Pac-12.


1.Florida: After struggling through December the Gators are back.

2.Auburn: Their non-conference schedule was bad but beating Tennessee and Arkansas proved that they are a good team.

3.Kentucky: The Wildcats are a team full of talented freshmen, they were going to have a game like Saturday night at some point during the season.

4.Tennessee: The Volunteers are 1-2 but their strength of schedule is pretty good.

5.Texas A&M: The sky is the limit if this team gets healthy.

6.Arkansas: Just when we thought Arkansas was good, they lose to Mississippi State and Auburn in one week

7.Georgia: Beat Alabama pretty handily this past weekend, it is looking like Georgia is a legitimate tournament team.

8.Missouri: Jordan Barnett and Kassius Robertson have been pretty good thus far.

9.Alabama: After losing to Vanderbilt and Georgia, it became clear that this team is underachieving.

10.LSU: Tremont Waters is just ridiculous.

11.Mississippi State: The Bulldogs seemed poised to establish itself as a top half team in the SEC after beating Arkansas, then they lost to Ole Miss.

12.Ole Miss: The Rebels are 2-1 in SEC play but there’s nothing else that says this team is that good.

13.South Carolina: Beat Vanderbilt on Saturday, that’s why they aren’t last.

14.Vanderbilt: The future is bright for Vanderbilt but this year has been a failure.


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