Bracketology: Late July Update

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner

Updated July 27th, 2018

Midwest Region (Kansas City) South Region (Louisville)
1.Kansas (Des Moines) 1.Kentucky (Columbus)
16.Texas Southern/ UNC Central 16.Vermont
8.NC State 8.Wisconsin
9.Providence 9.TCU
4.Florida State (Salt Lake City) 4.Michigan (Des Moines)
13.Lipscomb 13.Northeastern
12.Buffalo 12.Loyola-Chicago
3.North Carolina (Jacksonville) 3.Kansas State (Tulsa)
14.Rider 14.Stephen F. Austin
6.Indiana 6.Marquette
11.Western Kentucky 11.Notre Dame
2.Villanova (Hartford) 2.Duke (Columbia)
15.Harvard 15.Murray State
7.Nebraska 7.Florida
10.Iowa State 10.St. John’s
West Region (Anaheim) East Region (Washington DC)
1.Nevada (Salt Lake City) 1.Virginia (Columbus)
16.Cal State Fullerton 16.LIU Brooklyn/ Colgate
8.Texas Tech 8.Washington
9.Miami 9.Purdue
4.Oregon (Seattle) 4.Texas (Tulsa)
13.Montana 13.UNC Greensboro
5.Syracuse 5.Mississippi State
12.South Dakota State 12.Davidson
3.Auburn (Jacksonville) 3.Michigan State (Hartford)
14.Georgia State 14.Wright State
6.Virginia Tech 6.West Virginia
11.Georgetown/ UCF 11.Xavier/ Louisville
2.Gonzaga (Seattle) 2.Tennessee (Columbia)
15.New Mexico State 15.Radford
7.Butler 7.Clemson
10.Arizona 10.Memphis

First Four Out: Alabama, Missouri, USC, Baylor

The Next Five: Ohio State, Houston, Temple, Minnesota, Penn State


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