Week 10 Power Rankings

Week 10 Power Rankings This past week was once again mayhem as 12 times a top-25 team from my power rankings last week lost. Villanova takes over at the top of my Power Rankings, while the Big 12 sets up for what will be a huge week for the conference. See how my Power Rankings... Continue Reading →


Power Rankings for each major conference

Power Rankings for each major conference¬† We are about two weeks into Conference play, which means its a perfect time to look at my power rankings for each major conference. ACC 1.Virginia: Defense wins Championships. 2.Duke: Where's the defense? 3.Clemson: Biggest surprise in college basketball. 4.North Carolina: Tough 1-2 in conference play. 5.Miami: Good on... Continue Reading →

Week 9 Power Rankings

Week 9 Power Rankings This past week saw nearly everyone lose, this included seven losses from my Top-10 teams from last week and 21 losses total by teams I had ranked last week. Obviously with all these results it is time for a new Power Rankings to reflect all these changes, that being said here's... Continue Reading →

Week 8 Power Rankings

Week eight power rankings Conference play is officially here and already it has caused some of the top teams fall. Last week saw Four of my top six teams in my Power Rankings from last week lose. With those results, I made some major changes to my power rankings, including having a surprising team at... Continue Reading →

Week 7 Power Rankings

Week seven power rankings This Past week was mostly quiet with a few big upsets, however throughout the week six of my top-25 teams from last week lost and all of them lost to at the time teams not ranked in my top-25. Based on the large amount of upsets this year, I went back... Continue Reading →

Week Six Power Rankings

Week six power rankings Monday through Friday were really quite boring mostly due to the fact there was finals, however this past weekend brought a lot of upsets. Six of my teams ranked in the top-25 last week lost to unranked opponents, so obviously some adjustments were made. Here is my latest weekly power rankings... Continue Reading →

Week 5 Power Rankings

Week Five Power Rankings: What a week of College Basketball, the top-two teams in College Basketball combined for three losses. Florida, Texas A&M and Notre Dame who were all in the top-10 also lost and all of these losses were to teams outside of the Top-25. In total AP Top-10 teams lost seven times, six... Continue Reading →

Week 4 Power Rankings

1.Duke: Got a scare from Indiana but escaped with a ten point win, besides that not much going on with Duke. 2.Kansas: What's better than one 35 point game, two 35 point games, Devonte' Graham did that in route to two more wins. 3.Michigan State: Played number five Notre Dame at home and handled them... Continue Reading →

Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 3 Power Rankings After an exciting feast week, where a lot of movement was made, here's my new Power Rankings. 1.Duke: After trailing in the second half came back on all three opponents to win the Nike PK80 Tournament, there's a lot of great players in College Basketball but none are as good as... Continue Reading →

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