Offseason Power Rankings: Post NBA Draft decision deadline

The final decisions have been made in terms of what players will be entering the NBA Draft. This means that this will be my final power rankings for a little while, as there won't be much roster movement from here on out. With that being said here is my latest power rankings, which reflects all... Continue Reading →


Offseason Power Rankings: Week Seven

This past week saw the NBA Draft combine, which presented a final chance for some players to establish themselves as draft picks. I updated my rankings based on projections of what players I think will be entering the NBA Draft. With that here is my week seven offseason power rankings. 1.Kentucky Wildcats:¬† PG: Immanuel Quickley... Continue Reading →

Offseason Power Rankings: Week Six

Fans seemed to like me projecting each teams roster for next season so once again I will be projecting each teams roster. There are only a few minor developments since last week but with only two weeks left until the final NBA Draft decisions are made, I am continuing my offseason Power Rankings, so here... Continue Reading →

Offseason Power Rankings: Week Five

This week I am going to format my Power Rankings a little different, showing the projected rosters for each team. Here is my latest offseason power rankings, which will show projected rotation for each team next year. 1.Villanova Wildcats: PG: Jahvon Quinerly SG: Phil Booth SF: Donte DiVincenzo PF: Eric Paschall C: Omari Spellman Key... Continue Reading →

Offseason Power Rankings: Week Four

While this past week has been mostly quiet, with only a couple of draft and transfer decisions¬†being made to impact my rankings, I am promising to bring a new Power Rankings each week until after the NBA Draft decision deadline, where all College players will have to make a decision to either enter the NBA... Continue Reading →

Offseason Power Rankings: Week Three

Last week marked the last week that players could declare for the NBA Draft, which means no more surprise draft decisions that could impact rankings. With still some big names that are still testing the draft waters, it will be about a month until we know exactly what everyone's roster will look like. That being... Continue Reading →

Week Two Offseason Power Rankings

There have been some new developments since last week, whether it would be the involvement of Kansas in the FBI scandal, draft declarations or some transfers. Here is a new look Power Rankings to reflect the most recent developments. Offseason Power Rankings Week Two: 1.Villanova 2.Kentucky 3.Kansas 4.Tennessee 5.Gonzaga 6.Duke 7.Kansas State 8.Nevada 9.Virginia 10.North... Continue Reading →

Week One Offseason Power Rankings

From now until about June I will be doing offseason power rankings to reflect recent developments involving the NBA Draft, transfers or incoming freshmen. Here are my offseason Power Rankings for week one. 1.Villanova: The Wildcats are in a comfortable spot at number one and with the potential to return a lot of players from... Continue Reading →

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