Final NBA Mock Draft

In just a couple of hours the NBA Draft will be underway, so here is my Final Mock Draft before the draft. This will include all 60 picks as is, so if teams do decide to trade mid draft it will not reflect those, here below is all 60 picks. First Round: 1.Pheonix Suns: Deandre Ayton... Continue Reading →


NBA Mock Draft: Hypothetical Trades edition

For this version of my mock draft, I have decided to make hypothetical trades that could potentially happen come draft night. All regular picks will remain intact but I will highlight any picks that involved a trade. Then at the end of the two-round mock draft, I will post the trades at the bottom. With... Continue Reading →

NBA Draft player comparisons

For the majority of draft sites, people like to compare NBA players with the upcoming draft players, so I thought I would do the same. Therefore I have composed player comparisons for each of the Top-50 prospects in the NBA with a comparison of a current NBA player. Deandre Ayton 7’0″ Center Arizona. Comparison- Joel... Continue Reading →

NBA Draft Big Board

With about a week left until the NBA Draft, I have decided to release my NBA Draft Big Board. This is based on my evaluations for prospects and has no real impact upon where each player will be picked. I will release my Top-75 as any prospects past that probably won't be drafted. NBA Draft... Continue Reading →

NBA Mock Draft: Updated June 8th, 2018

We are less than two weeks until the NBA Draft, which means most teams are meeting with players and evaluating what players they are going to pick. Also since my last mock draft, all college draft decisions have been made, which means we know exactly which players are in the draft. For the First Round... Continue Reading →

Bracketology: Post-NBA Draft Decision Deadline

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner Updated June 1st, 2018 Midwest Region (Kansas City) South Region (Louisville) 1.Kansas (Des Moines) 1.Kentucky (Columbus) 16.Texas Southern/ Hampton 16.Colgate/ LIU Brooklyn 8.Memphis 8.Wisconsin 9.Providence 9.Miami 4.Florida State (Tulsa) 4.Texas (Salt Lake City) 13.Northeastern 13.UNC Greensboro 5.Indiana 5.Syracuse 12.Davidson 12.Marshall 3.North Carolina (Jacksonville) 3.Michigan State (Des Moines) 14.Rider 14.Wright State 6.Marquette... Continue Reading →

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