Bracketology: Updated April 18th, 2018

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner Updated April 18th, 2018 East Region (Washington DC) South Region (Louisville) 1.Villanova (Hartford) 1.Kentucky (Columbus) 16.Vermont 16.Colgate/ Texas Southern 8.Washington 8.Clemson 9.Oklahoma State 9.Xavier 4.Texas (Tulsa) 4.Michigan State (Des Moines) 13.UNC Greensboro 13.Harvard 5.Virginia Tech 5.West Virginia 12.Buffalo 12.Marshall 3.Auburn (Jacksonville) 3.North Carolina (Jacksonville) 14.Lipscomb 14.Georgia State 6.TCU 6.Butler 11.Indiana/ Cincinnati... Continue Reading →


Week Two Offseason Power Rankings

There have been some new developments since last week, whether it would be the involvement of Kansas in the FBI scandal, draft declarations or some transfers. Here is a new look Power Rankings to reflect the most recent developments. Offseason Power Rankings Week Two: 1.Villanova 2.Kentucky 3.Kansas 4.Tennessee 5.Gonzaga 6.Duke 7.Kansas State 8.Nevada 9.Virginia 10.North... Continue Reading →

NBA Mock Draft: Updated April 13th, 2018

The NBA Regular season is over, which means that the draft order is set until the NBA Draft lottery show in May. Here are my latest NBA Mock Draft Projections to fit where I think each player will end up on Draft Night. First Round: 1.Pheonix Suns: Deandre Ayton 7'0" Center Arizona 2.Memphis Grizzlies: Marvin... Continue Reading →

Bracketology: Updated April 11th, 2018

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner Updated April 11th, 2018 East Region (Washington DC) Midwest Region (Kansas City) 1.Villanova (Hartford) 1.Kansas (Des Moines) 16.Vermont 16.Cal-State Fullerton 8.Cincinnati 8.Providence 9.Oklahoma State 9.Texas A&M 4.Mississippi State (Salt Lake City) 4.Oregon (Seattle) 13.Rider 13.Harvard 5.UCLA 5.Virginia Tech 12.St. Joseph’s 12.South Dakota State 3.North Carolina (Jacksonville) 3.Michigan (Des Moines) 14.Georgia State... Continue Reading →

Week One Offseason Power Rankings

From now until about June I will be doing offseason power rankings to reflect recent developments involving the NBA Draft, transfers or incoming freshmen. Here are my offseason Power Rankings for week one. 1.Villanova: The Wildcats are in a comfortable spot at number one and with the potential to return a lot of players from... Continue Reading →

Bracketology: New draft developments cause shifts in Bracketology

Bracketology by Jonathon Warriner Updated April 5th, 2018 East Region (Washington DC) Midwest Region (Kansas City) 1.Villanova (Hartford) 1.Kansas (Des Moines) 16.Vermont 16.Cal-State Fullerton 8.Miami 8.Cincinnati 9.Stanford 9.Xavier 4.LSU (Salt Lake City) 4.Michigan State (Des Moines) 13.Stephen F. Austin 13.UNC Greensboro 5.West Virginia 5.Mississippi State 12.Marshall 12.Davidson 3.North Carolina (Jacksonville) 3.Auburn (Jacksonville) 14.Georgia State 14.Lipscomb... Continue Reading →

NBA Mock Draft Updated April 4th, 2018

The College Basketball season is over which means it is time to look ahead to the next part of the season, which is with the NBA Draft. Here are my Latest Mock Draft projections to reflect where I think every player will end up going come Draft night. First Round:  1.Pheonix Suns: Deandre Ayton 7'0"... Continue Reading →

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